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Blue Barrel Cider makes CAMRA award winning pure juice cider and perry.

Our cider journey began in Nottingham at Summerwood Community Gardens where we made cider from locally scrumped apples & forgotten orchards.

Almost a decade ago, we were given the opportunity to plant a cider orchard in a field near Leo’s family in Cambridgeshire.

In 2021 we decided to move to Oakington, the village where Leo grew up, to build our cider business and renovate the old riding stables into a cidery for Blue Barrel Cider.

We are currently in the unique position of being able to make 2 styles of cider from 2 different counties.

We have continued with our Nottingham cider using scrumped deserts & cooking apples blended with cider fruit from old Nottinghamshire orchards.

In 2021 we launched our new Cambridgeshire ciders made from bittersweet cider apples grown and harvested from our Oakington orchard.

We continue to work with the local community who helped pick, mill and press apples from our orchard to create our local orchard blend.

Following 14 yrs of running community projects we wanted to continue our commitment to supporting local environmental projects which is why we have created TREES ARE GOOD.

TREES ARE GOOD is a community interest company which plants mini orchards & edible trees in local communities.

Proceeds from our cider will fund tree planting in Cambridgeshire & Nottinghamshire.

Our ciders & perry are made using a traditional rack and cloth press and use 100% freshly pressed fruit sourced locally to produce a great tasting drink.